2-in1 Potato Slicers French Fries Maker Cutter and Microwave Container



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Highlights: Potato Slicers

1.News Design French fries maker: French fries cutter machine and microwave container 2-in-1. No need to deep-fry to make healthy fries.
2.Save times: No more peeling, chopping, and slicing by hand. This cutter’s design uses cross pattern steel blades to cut effortlessly and evenly for perfect results every time. This gives you a fast and convenient way to quickly make French fries.
3.Creative Different ingredients & different tastes fries: Get creative when making sweet potato fries, zucchini fries, onion fritters, apple fries and many more. After taking it out of the microwave, you can mix different spices such as cheese and basil, depending on your taste.
4.Simple make the delicious & fresh French fries everyday: One-step cutter slices potatoes or almost any veggie into perfectly shaped fries. Just load, perfect down to cutting the potato in to fries, in perfect size to cutting different size potatoes, pop in microwave, in just minutes, the delicious
5.Safe Material&. Dishwasher Safe: Made of food-safe silicone without BPA, safe and non-toxic. Dishwasher Safe and durable construction. Material also can be used for microwave oven.



In a matter of seconds you can make delicious fries quickly and easily thanks to this natural-cut fries cutter.

Very simple steps for you to operate, you only need to place one average-sized potato in this perfect fries and then press the cover.

Also this cutter is very versatile which is perfect for other vegetables such as onions, peppers and much more, making meal preparation faster and easier.


Very easy to store and use. Make fries from almost any vegetable. Very easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe.

Easy steps:

Place, push and ready to bake.

Quick and easy way to prepare delicious homemade fries.

Great for all kinds of veggies, not just French frying potatoes.

Perfect, delicious fries every time.


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