Durable Bamboo Detachable Bristles Body Brush Long Handle Bath Brush, 2 PCS

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Ships from Hong Kong. The bath brush comes with sturdy handle, made from oiled beechwood that uses boar bristles for delicate skin. With a full length of 41cm/16inches, there is no need to twist your arms to reach the back part of the body. Easy to clean and quick to dry, it will glide smoothly and would not scratch your skin. Say goodbye to dead skin cells and hello to soft, smooth skin brought to you by this body bath brush with long handle and natural boar bristles! Package:1* Long-handle Brush, 1* Short-handle Brush. Material: phyllostachys, pubescens handle & bristles brush. Detachable handle, can cover by hands for bathing. Natural dry, do not Expose to sun. Removes dead skin thoroughly and massages skin softly.

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