High pressure electric spray gun

Style:Plastic pot spray gun;Model:US


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Details: High pressure electric spray gun

1. Fill the spray pot with liquid, connect 220V AC power supply, press
Push the button switch, the gun starts, accompanied by strong vibration, a few seconds
Then it sprays and turns into a low normal working sound. of
Then press the switch to work normally.
2. If it fails to work properly, adjust and rotate the rear knob.
3. Effective distance of decontamination is 5-20CM, 45 degree repeated injection.
4. This is a high-pressure water gun. The muzzle of the gun is strictly prohibited. High when disabled
Electric spray gun description:
The textile cleaning spray gun adopts vacuum principle. The designed strong decontamination spray gun does not need to be used with air compressor. It directly generates high pressure. It is easy to use. It is suitable to inject spray gun oil or general clean liquid solvent for cleaning and decontamination.
Applicable object:
Knitted cloth, embryo cloth, ready-made clothes, washing and dyeing suits, oil stain cleaning, machine oil stain cleaning.
1. For live cleaning of computers, servers, etc. Electrically generated pressure to prevent traditional air compression into water to avoid short circuit circuit
2. Adjusting the sprinkler can produce fog or droplet, which can be used as horticultural spray gun. Spray water or spray medicine, safe and fast.
3. Can do housework cleaning spray gun use. Kitchen utensils, windows and doors, bathroom and bathroom, can be filled with detergent, water and so on. Adjust nozzle to remove stubborn stains
4. It can be used as a car washer. Flexibility and convenience.
Note: Adjust the pressure of the trial nozzle before use!
It is strictly forbidden to spray gun heads on people! __________ Danger when pressure is high!
* It is an advanced and efficient decontamination tool. It is suitable for high-pressure sprint of liquid to achieve decontamination ability.
* Advanced technology, reasonable design, high injection pressure, strong decontamination ability, stable performance. It is an ideal decontamination tool for knitting, dyeing, clothing, advertising printing and other industries.

Product size: 28CM*28CM*12.5CM

Weight(g): 1250.

Package Weight(g): 1300.

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