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Popping within 3 Minutes – One button to start up the popcorn maker, you can enjoy the tasty popcorn within 3 minutes. Easy to enjoy the delicious popcorn at home.

98% Popping Rate – With hot air swirling technology, which is secure and efficient enough to thoroughly pops the popcorn with almost no un-popped kernels, especially NOT burnt popcorn.

DIY Various Flavors – Not oils required but also can make the big, fluffy, fresh popcorn. Add your own favorite seasonings after the popcorn is made and taste different flavors of popcorn, such as melted cream, chocolate sauce, various syrups, and other favorite sauces.

Safe to Use – If the temperature of the machine is too high, it will stop heating and only blow cold air. Before the machine has completely cooled down, please do not use the machine continuously more than three times.

NOTE – Please don’t add any oil into the popcorn kernels before popping. Cover the top with the lid cup to prevent the corn kernels and popcorns from bouncing out of the popcorn maker cylinder, the top lid is also a measuring cup and butter melting tray.




1. Do not add more than one measuring cup of DRY POPCORN KERNELS ONE TIME, otherwise will cause the machine get to smoke.
2. Do not add oil, shortening, butter, margarine, and seasoning into the machine.
3. Caution hot surface.
4. The machine can only continue to work twice at a time, and then please wait a few minutes, when the surface temperature of the machine drops, you can restart the machine.
5. Rated voltage: 120V(60Hz).
6. The power of this popcorn machine is 1200W. To avoid circuit tripping, please do not use it with other high-power electrical appliances.
7. Always unplug the machine when not in use.

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