Pizza Cutter Wheel with Sharp Blade Pizza Slicer Comfortable and Safety Rubber Guard Easy to Cut and Clean Pizza Roller Blade



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Highlights: Pizza Cutter Wheel with Sharp Blade Pizza Slicer

1.Multi-Use: In addition to cutting pizza, it is also very good at cutting other foods! Such as pasta, biscuits, pastries, cakes, etc. Suitable for a variety of foods, easy to cut.
2.Specially Designed: This new pizza cutter will let you know how easy it is to get a nice, clean cut through your pizza. Durable and long lasting device for every kitchen, hand held, BPA free.
3.Easy to Clean: Cleaning after meals can sometimes be very annoying. This pizza cutter can be easily dismantled, making it super simple to wash those “hard to reach” areas. Dishwasher safe.
4.Edge Protection Device: This little but yet powerful pizza cutter has a detachable protective blade guard that you can easily close when it is not use. Protect your fingers from harm!
5.We can use this pizza cutter to cut pizza, biscuit, lasagna, cookies, pastry, sandwiches, sausage, etc., the blade can meet the cutting of baked pasta foods less than 1.2 inches thick.


– The Pizza Cutter is probably the BEST PIZZA CUTTER you will have ever owned!
– This comfortable and practical utensil is easier to use than most pizza cutters as it requires less effort to cut the perfect pizza slice due to its unique design.
– With a traditional style of handle cutter with a wheel blade on the end, you are required to use a firm downward force when cutting as the handle is in a different place from the actual rotating cutter blade.
– This is a less natural way to apply the pressure required to actually cut the pizza than with the Pizza Cutter.
– The Pizza Cutter has been specifically designed to make it EASIER TO SLICE THE PERFECT PIZZA!
– By having the handle directly above the blade gives a more natural control over the movement when rolling the blade in the direction you want to make your slice.
– The other benefit of the unique design is that by using a palm grip handle, you will require less downward force when cutting your pizza!
– This makes the Pizza Cutter the perfect tool for almost anyone, and it is dishwasher safe!


– Pizza Cutter Wheel
– Material: Stainless Steel Blade
– Size: 4.21in(10.7cm) x 4.33in(11cm) x 0.07in(20mm)
– with blade cover
– detachable parts for easy cleaning


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Weight 1.44 lbs
Dimensions 4.22 × 4.34 × 0.79 in


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