Spa Ultrasonic Diffuser 400ml



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Details: Ultrasonic Diffuser

This beautiful and unique Spa Ultrasonic Diffuser is designed with wood finishes to match modern features. Designed as a side fog output, it is more focused, more powerful and guides the fog output. As you wish, scatter the fog in any direction. As a perfect decoration, it fits perfectly with any decoration.



1. More convenient and easy to use: 3 touch button control: light, fog output and timer settings. Press the light button to turn on the LED light. Press the fog output button to adjust fog or standard fog. Press the timer setting button to select the 1H / 3H / 6H / ON operating mode. Fog, light and timer settings independent control, more convenient and easy to use.

2. Safe and energy-saving: Not only diffusers / evaporators and humidifiers, but also ionizers, air purifiers and nightlights. Automatic water-off function, will be several essential oils added to the water, relax, protect the environment.

3. Whispered 400ML Diffuser: The convenient 400ml reservoir allows units to run for several hours without refilling. Using ultrasound technology, the 400 ml oil diffuser works very quiet while studying or sleeping.

4.7 Rotation light changes: white, green, purple, pink, blue, yellow and red. Colors can be looped or set to a fixed color or turned off. There are two light options for each color: dim and bright. With 7 variations of LED lights, the diffuser can be any mood at any time, day or night.


Tank capacity: 400ML

Humidification: 30-50ML / hour

Timing functions: Support 60 minutes, 180 minutes, 360 minutes

Fog volume adjustment: support

Color: light wood / dark wood (can be customized)

Essential Oil: Support (water-soluble essential oil)

Time: up to 9-10 hours of operation

Power: 14W

Material: Import PP

Water: pure water

Weight(g): Black:569; Yellow:556.

Package Weight(g): 585.

Package Size(mm): 170*170*165.


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