Stainless Steel Gooseneck Kettle

kettle:Gooseneck kettle with thermometer


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Highlights: Stainless Steel Gooseneck Kettle

1.Our precise pour gooseneck kettle has a unique curved opening and elongated spout for steady water flow; you can now pour the exact amount of water needed.
2.Our built-in thermometer is wrapped with a heat resistant rubber coating to help protect your fingers from heat when pulling out the kettle lid; the thermometer features temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit for accurate coffee and tea brewing capabilities
3.Our premium grade pour over kettle is made from naturally BPA-free stainless steel; clean water means no bad taste or odors spoiling the flavor of your coffee; this kettle has been created to be solid and rigid in its construction with a durable ergonomic handle that is easy to hold.
4.Don’t risk burning yourself with hot water because of a loose fitting lid; our lids have a built-in thermometer and are designed to fit perfectly into the body of the kettle
5.We are so confident of the quality of our premium pour over kettle that your purchase. We are convinced that this will be the only pour over kettle you will ever need to start brewing coffee and tea like a professional.


Manual Kettle

For Water, Coffee, Tea, Etc

Made of High Quality Stainless Steel material

Three layer bottom

Gooseneck design

with outstanding thermometer

Capacity: 40 fl oz


Additional information

Weight 2.43 lbs
Dimensions 7.88 × 7.88 × 5.91 in


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